Top 10 USA Travel Destinations for 2014

A fun-filled vacation can easily get rid of your stress and rejuvenate your spirit in an incredible manner.  With a world full of captivating destinations, choosing the apt holiday spot can present a great challenge. You surely would want to do justice to your hard-earned money by picking a location that could truly regale you with its amazing offerings. And if you are keen on discovering the joy of holidaying outside of mainstream Europe, You have USA as the best pick. Rest assured USA travel destinations can keep you delighted throughout and enrich your journey amazingly.

No matter what you are looking for; the diversified cities and attractions of United States can certainly satiate the traveller in you with absolute ease. The USA travel destinations serves amusing factors to travellers coming from all over the world.

Basically, each US state has its own alluring tourist attractions and that’s precisely the reason why the country often features in the top holiday destinations of the world. There are a lot that you can do and explore in the USA and this can be truly validated by the experts who profoundly recommend several trips to the country.

So, here we bring you the list of top USA destinations that you must visit:

The best of New York

best of New York

New York is forever full of beans. The cool and cosmopolitan fervour of the Big Apple is truly magical. In ‘the city that never sleeps”, tourist can experience the best in food and entertainment at a snap of a finger.  New York is well known for its magnificent museums, theatres and restaurants. Indeed the place has so much on its plate that one can only imagine the ways to experience them.  The glitz and glowing scene of New York is sure to put many of its U.S. peers to shame.

If you desperately look for a respite from the city’s frenetic sight and soaring skyscrapers, you will surely be impressed with the scenic central park. But of course New York is popular for its vibrant culture and people who want to let down their hair down in the vacay can enjoy to the fullest. Rest assured the city’s iconic landmarks, towering skyscrapers, indie boutiques and trendy coffee shops and bakeries are sure to keep you hooked.  A hub for culture, arts, food and sightseeing, the Big Apple is considered as one the best USA destinations for many reasons.


The Mile High City and the Colorado capital, Denver is an awesome place to visit. And if you make your trip within the winters, definitely you will stammer for suffixing adjectives. This is a popular winter sport destination.

Explore Maui for an unforgettable adventure


With its pristine beaches and verdant parks, Maui truly capture the heart of the travellers. Whether it is the beauty, atmosphere, history or endless supply of idyllic beaches and waterfalls, a trip to Maui can enrich your holiday with some of the finest offerings. This Hawaiian Island can give you the experience of paradise and fill you with the perfect bliss. A lot of people famously say Maui no ka oi which means Maui is the best. So, when you plan a vacation to USA, do not miss out to explore this gem. It truly is one of the best USA destinations.


Georgia capital, urban skylines, pine forests, oak trees and rolling hills describe Atlanta well. Top attractions in this city include CNN centre and the Georgia Aquarium, one of the biggest of its type in the world.

The stunning Honolulu – Oahu

Oahu represents a wonderful combination of urban and beach environ. With a pleasant weather all year around, this Hawaiian paradise is good for a visit in every season.  The breathtaking scenery showcases cosmopolitan appeal and offers a great experience to travellers who are fond of meandering hikes, delectable fresh seafood. Nearby you will find scores of cultural and historic sites as well. The place rightly listed as one of the best USA travel destinations for its myriad of offerings which easily meet the fancy of all ages. Oahu is the heart of Hawaii and Honolulu is the pulse. Plan your holiday in these Hawaiian gems to experience historic landmarks, fine dining and world-class shopping.


Any science geek would not love to give this place a miss! This city of South Eastern Texas is infamously known for NASA. It is the commercial neighbourhood of a number of USA districts and draws a good number of tourists every year for dining, shopping and sports.


A peaceful retreat amidst the hustle bustle of one of the most prosperous nations of the world! This is one of the oldest cities of the USA, but is very rich in terms of its Victorian architecture, oak forests, natural scenic beauty and good hospitality!

Tour to Sonoma

Nestled in Northern California, Sonoma is renowned for its wineries, art galleries and exotic vistas. The place could well be defined as Napa’s rustic and more relaxed version. It’s truly one of the most beautiful spots and gives the worth of time and money that one invests here. The world-class Sonoma wine country, next to Napa Valley, offers over 400 wineries, the Pacific Coast and ancient Redwood forests. The place undoubtedly offers the finest wine and incredible opportunity for sightseeing and shopping. Easily described as USA’s best-kept secret, Sonoma is one of the highly recommended USA travel destinations.


The first world heritage city in the United States, Philadelphia exudes a fresh and dynamic spirit is indeed one of the top USA destinations to visit.  The city has all the glamour of New York but still retains a small-town charm which makes it extremely intriguing. You can witness the glorious rich history of America in its historic spots like Independence Hall and as well as in the Liberty Bell, yet the city is far from being stuck in its past. The current scenario of Philly is filled with notable museums, a sparkling nightlife, and thriving sports teams and restaurants. The city surely offers so much more than just the cheesesteaks and satisfies the vacationers in a great manner.

The best time to experience Philadelphia is from March to May, when the city thaws out from the chilly winter. You can find pretty reasonable room rates at the hotels during this period and enjoy the real feel of the city in its true sense.

San Diego

Yes, it’s the beach city! San Diego is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Bordering Mexico, it is the largest coastal city in the USA. Sea World and Balboa Park are the major attractions here.

Denali National Park

Animal Planet lovers do not miss this in your USA trip! Abundant wildlife and enormous adventure are the synonyms for Denali National Park. It also houses Mt. McKinley, the highest peak of America.

Magical New Orleans

There’s hardly a place in America which is more unique in culture than Big Easy. New Orleans has a distinctive appeal where you can find the influences as diversifying as Europeans to Caribbean.  This vibrant city welcomes visitors with live Jazz, party scenes and a lot of amazing music. There’s of course more to this destination and that includes its mesmerizing European-style architecture and exotic Creole cuisine. The music lovers surely will find their dream destination in New Orleans.  For many, the reason to visit this place lies in Mardi Gras; a wild party with carnival traits and in case you miss it, you still won’t miss the party buzz as revellers pour out of Bourbon Street clubs and party till the dawn.  A trip this incredible city will certainly add a great joy to your USA travel diaries.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

How can you bid adieu, without visiting the famous Niagara Falls? Located between New York and Ontario, Niagara Falls is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. The frozen beauty draws equal tourist crowd as well!

USA certainly can throw a challenge when one plans a trip to this country of all possibilities.  With so many things to do and places to visit, it’s easy to wonder from where to begin, however our top 6 listed destinations are sure the best that you can explore in your next holiday trip to USA. Get set for your most memorable trip!

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