5 Amazing Locations for Adventure Travel

Scientists believe man has an innate tendency to partake in adventures. The risks associated deter us from doing so. Adventure travel allows excitement seekers to participate in adventurous activities with no risk involved.

People who go for adventure travel either go alone or with a group of likeminded individuals. They look for places that are suitable for adventure travel. In this article, we’ll introduce them to some places where they could visit for your next adventure trip.


Let’s begin our list with

Kemeri National Park, Latvia

Albeit unnoticed by mainstream media, Latvia is an excellent location for adventure travel. The East European country has a coastline that stretches over 350 miles. The Kemeri National Park, located in the baltic region is actually dense forest. Inside the park, you’ll find bird watch towers. There are big trees everywhere amid which you’ll have to discover the walkway. You will surely enjoy the atmosphere inside the park.

Petra, Jordan

Petra is not just any city in Jordan. The city was built approximately 600 years before the birth of Christ. The whole city was gouged out of a mountain couloir. Petra is located at the southern desert in Jordan. The city was developed by a sect of Arabs called Nabateans. Petra is the perfect spot for adventure travel. You will have shiver witnessing centuries old structures, mountain steeps transformed into houses and staircases.

Easter Island, Chile

A veil of mystery covers Easter Island, Chile’s most sought after tourist destination. There are strange statues in Easter Island called Moai. Moais are humanoid figures built by Chilean Polynesian rocks. Who built those statues? It’s still a mystery; some say the statues were built by indigenous Rapa Nui people. Others believe the statues were built by the aliens. Visiting Easter Island will give you undiluted excitement.

Avoriaz, France

Avoriaz is actually an interconnected resort, located in Portes du Soleil region of France. The place has plenty of greenery. It is also in French Alps. So you could roam across the mountain steep of Alps. Besides, there are bike tracks all over Avoriaz and if you are biker, you could enjoy the thrill of biking in the Alps. There are more than 20 ski lifts in the region and serve as an easy way to indulge in adventures.

The fun that adventure travel offers is beyond comparison. By visiting the locations mentioned above, you could enjoy such fun. So don’t waste time and start tying your shoelaces.

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