Tips for Traveling Abroad

Travel is a rejuvenating escapade from monotonous boring life. Everyone loves to run away from their hectic and humdrum daily schedule at least once in a year. However, travelling abroad can be afforded by only a few as it sets one back by a fortune. If you have decided to travel exciting places abroad, it means you have money to reach there and back to your nest. Still here are some tips for you how to save on your travel expenses and make those dollars accompany you further.


Off-season tour saving: If you avoid high ‘tourist’ season and instead choose to travel during a slack season, you will get to enjoy attractive discounts on airline tickets as well as accommodation charge. Airlines, resorts and hotels determine their price on demand. Off-season travel will help you make good saving.

Flight ticket saving: Make sure to arrange everything well in advance. Search on Google and Yahoo to get good deals for airlines tickets. Never forget to look into round trip ticket options to any flight you will be boarding. Round-trip tickets usually come cheaper compared to one-way ticket. Direct flight is definitely a convenient option but if you want to save money, choose connecting flight. I felt some sort of inconvenience at first but I ignored it.  After all, every penny saved is equal to every penny earned, isn’t it?

Ground transport saving: If you are visiting Europe and want to travel a lot by tubes or rail, check if there are offers for multi-trip discounts. If you get an unlimited pass with validity of 2-3 days, it would be a really cheaper transportation option abroad. If you prefer train rides to travel between cities, take a night train. That will save your hotel cost and you will have days for sightseeing.

Accommodation saving: Always check for discounts. I chose to stay in a small town motel and enjoyed my days there. I was satisfied with their hospitality and ended up saving a lot on accommodation.

Eating saving: Avoid having your breakfast at hotel, it is really expensive. Drop into a local care&eacute and have your breakfast while enjoying local ambience. Visit local supermarket or grocery stores to buy snacks and fruits. I munched on them almost throughout the day. Believe me, it’s a healthier and cheaper option than expensive breakfast at cafes. Taste the local beer as it’s usually cheaper.

Entertainment saving: Never lured by travel traps as these are always costly. Instead visit a local pub, you will be entertained but without won’t have to cough out a lot.

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