6 Wonderful Hiking Destination in Morocco No One Should Miss

Morocco is known for its hauntingly beautiful terrains and the attraction it has for the hikers. People come from around the world to enjoy the beautiful terrains and explore the extraordinary beauty through leisurely hiking. Hiking is such a wonderful hobby and when you are vacationing in Morocco, hiking is one of the best things you can do. Morocco has some of the world’s best hiking destination that no one should miss when these are in the country.

6 Wonderful Hiking Destination in Morocco No One Should Miss

Hiking in Morocco is also one of the best ways to explore the place and know as much as you want about the place, its culture, people, food, drink and of course the terrain. Out of all the trekking and hiking destinations, there are some which are very popular and must be on your list.

Here are the 6 most wonderful hiking destinations in Morocco where you can go hiking.

1. Toubkal Mountain in Western High Atlas

The first in the list of wonderful hiking mountains is the famous Toubkal Mountain in southern west Morocco, one of the highest peaks in North Africa. Hikers from all around the world come to hike these mountains which provide a mixture of challenge and excitement. Apart from the wonderful terrain for hiking, the Toubkal Mountain is also known for its Atlas Mountain Berber tribes who live in the small villages.

2. The M’goun Mountain in Central High Atlas

The M’goun Mountain is home to some wonderful Berber tribes and is less taxing for hiking as compared to the Toubkal Mountain. When hiking in this mountain you will get to enjoy the scenery and valleys where these tribes live. If you visit the place in late spring you can enjoy the bloom of wild flowers and snow-melt rivers at the foot of the valley.

3. Sahara Hikes

A part of Sahara desert lies in the southern Morocco and is one of the most beautiful places for trekking. It is well known for the palm groves of the Draa Valley and the eternal dunes. You can ride on camels and take in the beauty of the desert. Hiking in the Sahara desert is on the most intriguing hiking experience in Morocco.

4. Saghro Mountain

The Saghro Mountain is a true vision in winter and the hiking is much easier then. The wintery landscape provides a little less challenge to the hikers but the magnificent view is all you can hope for as compensation. The cave paintings are the best attraction of the mountains, which no one should miss at all.

5. Tafraoute Mountains

The next in the list is the Tafraoute Mountains. It is an anti-atlas mountain and has very harsh conditions with little water and Rocky Mountains. This mountain is best for serious hikers looking for some challenge. It is also great for walking tours, rock climbing and biking tours because of its rocky terrain. Its untouched and natural landscape is a must try trekking destination.

6. Marrakech to Sahara desert

This may sound repetitive, but a challenging and adventurous tour from the Marrakech to Sahara desert is a must for the serious hikers. You can sign up for a tour package, which will take you through the splendid landscapes of Atlas Mountain.

Hiking is Morocco is one of the best thing anyone who loves travelling and hiking can do. Visit some of the fantastic places in the terrains of the country and enjoy the best of hikes, trekking and scenery.  

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