Tips for Travelling with Kids on Airplane

Traveling with your kids on a tour by airplane can be difficult to say the least. The items required to ensure comfort and safety of your kids must be the prime consideration before you leave for the airport. And if you don’t bring a baby stroller, it could add to your dilemma while travelling with your kid by flight.

A baby stroller could be of great help in your case, especially if it involves a great deal of transporting and walking your kid. So you must check if you could take stroller with you on your way to destination.

Travelling with Kids on Airplanes

Here are a few simple tips when you are travelling with your toddler by flight.

The most important is to make an informed choice while you are travelling with your kid. Check with your airline whether they approve a baby stroller. Make sure to read through their policy in regards to carrying a stroller. This will figure it out if carrying a stroller will turn out to be a hassle for you during the trip.

Labeling stroller is important ahead of your trip. Choose side bars or handle bar with help of a paper label or permanent marker. Jot down your name, contact details, flight information, your kid’s name etc on the label.

Gets an alternative plan for the time being when you will have to leave the stroller in the trunk or outside. If your kid weighs within 20-30 lbs, a good option is to sling your baby or backpack it. If your kid can toddle, you may consider the idea of harnessing it among crowds and at strange places. If you don’t like the idea, carry your kid in lap. Ahead of your trip, you should start training them not to talk or go with unknown persons. Give them something to wear, which contains contact information in details.

If your stroller is counted with your luggage at check-in point, you will have to pay extra for that. However, all airlines don’t count baby stroller as an extra luggage,

At the checking point, a tag will be attached to your stroller whereas you will be given a corresponding receipt that you need to keep safe to get your stroller back.

Ask the attendant at the airport gate regarding where to collect your stroller on landing. According to the rules of most airlines, strollers are returned at the gate but it could be dispatched along with your other luggage.

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