Tips for Travelling with Infants on Plane

It needs not to be an unpleasant experience for those travelling with infants on planes. Here is a host of some important tips to make it a pleasant journey by flight.

Schedule flight time to coincide with baby naptime

If possible, you should schedule your flight time to coincide with your infant’s naptime. Usually at a particular time of day and night, your child is used to fall asleep. They will follow the same routine and fall asleep at a high altitude. And the time they will sleep will save you from getting busy with entertaining them while awake.

Travelling with Kids on Airplanes

Carry car seat on plane

Most of the parents decide to save money and so buy seats themselves only. If you follow the same, you will have to carry your child on your lap. If you don’t like the idea, buy a car seat for your infant as that will free up your arms and lap and he/she too will be happy in a separate seat. Though it will give you some comfort, you may feel frustrated at carrying the seat around the airport. However, in-flight payoff is worth that trouble.

Manage your flight journey

An effective and easy way to manage your flight journey with infants is to break drown the trip into 20 minutes phase. If you think your flight journey that way, it will be more manageable.

Here are some more tips to make your flight journey happier:

Crayola Color Wonder Markers: It is an inventive item that will allow you to write on a special type of paper. It is popular with even the adults and will hopefully entertain your busy baby. Don’t worry, it’s harmless and without toxic marker smell.

Magna Doodle: It has a travel edition and is loved by modern babies.

Stickers and/or Tapes: Tape of plain old Scotch will give your little one a lot of fun. Roll it up to create a sticky circle. Let your baby stick the circle on its nose, between his/her fingers or even on your nose. Old fashioned but a great fun idea with only a 2 inch piece of tape!

Portable CD Player: A CD for infants? It may surprise you but in reality, CD players do a great job. Apart from adults, infants love music and movies. They love the pace and rhythm. It will be a great piece of entertainment for them. However, you must keep the volume low; otherwise it may disturb other passengers in your flight.

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