Tips for Travelling with Infants on Airplanes

Travelling with infants on airplanes is a big challenge, especially if you are boarding international flights. Most of the parents don’t mind spending extra money to buy a seat for their babies just next to them so that the little champs remain safe and secured during take-off and landing.

Travelling with Kids on Airplanes

A child’s ticket is 65-75 percent of an adult’s fare but an infant’s ticket set you back by only 10 percent of what your ticket costs. The big problem is all airplanes don’t allow their boarders to use car seats for the infants and whether you will be granted permission or not depends on the rules and regulations of the country you are heading to.

Travelling with an infant adds to your difficulties and so to make things a lot easier, most parents buy a stroller to carry their baby. However, it is a good workable idea until you are boarding the next flight. A stroller is considered as a luggage by most of the airlines. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay any extra charge.

Most of the airlines require their passengers travelling with infants to gate check the stroller if it does not fit into the overhead bins or under your seat. Reality is only a few strollers can fit into these small spaces and so gatechecking is the only option open to you. Some airlines have strict guidelines regarding the size of the stroller.

Most of the airlines will require you to carry a small umbrella like stroller and in some airlines, jogging strollers are a strict ‘NO NO’. Some airlines are not, however, have any such strict rule regarding size and shape of the stroller. If you are carrying a jogging or any other large-sized stroller, always make sure to directly call the customer care division well in advance ahead of your travel.

It is quite usual for the infants to keep quire for hours. Most probably, they will start whining especially after seeing unknown people all around and at an unfamiliar place. Carry some comic books that are loaded with colorful pictures. The infants love colors and will be busy with the books for a couple of hours. However, there is a great chance that they will tear into the books. Please, don’t mind!

Carry a pack of diapers as you may need more than one especially if it is a long-hour journey. Pack in a few extra clothes in a separate easy-to-carry bag as you may need changing their dress more than once before arriving at the destination.

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