Tips for Travelling to Punta Cana

Punta Cana is not much familiar to the tourists who often set out to explore the unknown. It is yet to be frequented by the backpackers though offers a beautiful blend of picturesque surroundings and luxury accommodations. Seated at the center of the Caribbean on the east coastline of the Dominican Republic, it could be the next on your list of must-see for all the right reasons, especially if you are looking for a heavenly winter escape.

Travelling to Punta Cana

Here I have mentioned three simple tips to remember before you start planning for your trip to Punta Cana.

Avoid hiring a taxi

I don’t want to mean any kind of security issue but taxi fare in Punta Cana is very excessive. But then how can you reach hotel and be back to airport? There are several airport transfer service providers and you can start negotiating with your travel agency for such service. Usually the airport transfer packages include fare for both reaching hotel and return. During your stay in the island, you will need transportation service for excursion to islands or parks. Ask your tour agent if excursion cost includes receiving you at your hotel or resort and dropping you back.

Go to the whitest beaches

Travelers coming off near and farthest corner of the globe to visit Punta Cana prefer powdery white beaches. Backpackers are simply in love with these beaches and want to have a feel of silky sand under their toes. But you should know that all beaches in Punta Cana are not such shining white. The color of beach – better to say sand – varies widely along the stretch of east coastline of the Dominican Republic.

If you visit further south, sand is whiter. Punta Cana coast resembles the shape of an arrowhead that points toward the east. El Macao is where the arrow comes to a point. White sands turn golden to the north of the point. That variety also looks pretty but if you want to see pure whitest beaches, stay in a resort in the southeast coast or south of the point i.e. El Macao.

Find a resort catering to your needs

Different resorts have different facilities and so are catering to different needs and pockets. Some resorts have perfect arrangement for those travelling with family especially kids while others are only for adults. The second type is ideal for couples – especially the newly married – seeking a perfect gateway to sink into romance and be in warm embrace with each other. Many resorts follow the traditional European customs. If you are an American and don’t like that, you may chose other resorts that perfectly suits your needs.

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