Tips for Travelling with Baby on Airplane

Traveling with a baby is more than overwhelming for most of the parents, especially if they are travelling by flight. Before you start packing, consider the essential items for comfort and safety of your baby.

One of the dilemmas ahead of jetting to somewhere with your baby is if you should pack in a baby stroller. It will be of big help during your trip that involves a lot of walking. However, you must check if your flight is stroller-friendly or not. Here are a few simple tips for those parents who are going to travel with the kids by flight for the first time.


Tips for Travelling with Baby on Airplane


Decide wisely

First check with your airline if it allows a baby stroller. It will also determine if you consider the added travel accessory an asset or a burden for your trip.

Learn about the area where you will take a walk

Gather as much information as you can about the area you are going to travel. Know about the width of doorways and number of stairs that you need to climb. Dragging the stroller between subways or pushing it over a bumpy area will be more troublesome than carrying your child on a trip.

Label your stroller properly

It is something that you must do before leaving your home. Side bar or handle bar is the right place for labeling. Write down your name, contact details, flight information and destination. You will receive a tag after checking of stroller but it sounds wise to use both tag and label to make sure that you get back your stroller after landing.

Make a plan B

An alternative plan should be in place if you need to leave the stroller outside. If weight of your baby is not more than 20/30 lbs, a baby carrier, backpack or sling is a better choice. If your baby can walk, a harness should be considered to keep your baby tightly tied to you in crowded and strange places. If the idea of harnessing your child is what you hate the most, then there is no way but to keep a constant tab on the little champ.

It needs an important mention here that if the stroller you have bought can be easily folded to pack into your overhead carrier (check dimension from your airline), you won’t have to gate check the stroller. Fold the stroller and carry it next to your seat.

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