How to Travel with Your Dog Like a Pro?

Travelling with your dog can be a great fun. People can now travel with their pets conveniently. When you have to travel you have the option of leaving your pup behind under the care of a sitter or pet care center. But, most of the pet owners can hardly live without their pet so they almost always take their pets with them.

But, travelling with a pet comes with huge responsibility. Unless you want to become bothersome to other passengers, you will need to take care of a few essential things.

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Why Travelling with pets is difficult

Travelling with pets can be difficult for many reasons. First, they are not humans and cannot be told to abide by the rules. It will be your responsibility to make sure that your pet does not create problems while traveling. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, ship, bus or car, there are certain dog travelling protocols you need to follow.

Here are the Problems you may face when travelling with a pup.

  • Pets can get sick onboard the plane or train and cause problem. So having essential medicines like the Heartworm tablets for dogs is important.
  • If they are not used to travelling then again it can cause problems for you and your fellow passengers.
  • Keeping the pets in control throughout the journey isn’t easy and will need constant vigilant.
  • Travelling with a dog comes with a few problems. For instance, your dog cannot poop while traveling. And if that happens then you need to make sure you don’t create the mess.
  • Pets don’t like huddled in their pet carrier. You will need to train your dog to stay in there while travelling before you actually travel.

These are some of the problems you may face when travelling with your pet dog. There are more problems and inconvenience that can be caused by the pets when travelling long distance.

How to travel comfortably with your pet

Travelling with dogs can be made easy with little bit of preparation and homework.

Here are some of the best ways you can make sure that you and your dog travel hassle-free every time:

  1. Health is paramount: Before travelling you will need to make sure that your dog is fit to travel long distance especially by the plane. Get an appointment fixed with the vet and get your pet full check up. This will ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. If you are travelling by plane you need to show the health certification for the pet.
  2. Carry the medicine: Some of the pet medicine may be essential for the dog. Dogs can get infections easily. Medicines like the Heartworm tablets for dogs should be with you when you are travelling with your dog.
  3. Find out the nearest Vet or hospital in the destination you are travelling: You may never know when the emergency situation may arise. Research the nearest vet or animal hospital in your area and note down the address and phone number so that you can contact them easily when the need arises. Make sure to carry Heartworm medicines for dogs if your dog is suffering from it like many pets in USA.
  4. Pack pet food and water: Always carry pet food and water with you. Delays are part of travelling no matter how are travelling – by plane or train or car. So it is important to stock up on essential dog food and water as well so that you they don’t get agitated with hunger.
  5. Give your pet identification card: You cannot afford to lose your dear pet while travelling. Get them identification tag where your name, address and phone numbers are mentioned. In case they get lost, it will be easier to identify them. This an important travelling tips for people who travel with their pets or want to take their pets with them.
  6. Train them properly: If you are a frequent traveler then you will need to train your pet in travelling. The earlier you start the better. The best thing to do is to teach your pet to remain calm when you give them the command. This will help you keep everything under control when travelling.
  7. Potty Train them: One of the best things you can do is to potty train your dog. This will ensure that your puppy doesn’t poop while travelling. You can try getting them to do their business just before you travel. This will save you all the inconvenience during travelling.
  8. Pet Travel carrier: There are so many pet travel carriers available in the market. Some of them come with efficient features like wheels. You can easily drag along your pet carrier in the busy airport or train station. The point is the carriers will help you carry your pet easily.
  9. Get them Comfortable Seats: When you are travelling by car one of the best things you can do is get your pet comfortable seat. You can buy craters where the pet can easily sit with the safety belt on.
  10. Keep them entertained: It’s not just the humans who can get bored. Your pet can get bored too. Sit them by the window so that they look outside and be happy. This will help you keep them calm and in place when you are travelling, especially by the plane.
  11. Pack all the essential things: From clothes to toothbrush to grooming items, make sure you have all the essential things packed for your pet dog. Pets can get ticks when they are out and about. Things like tweezers will come handy in getting rid of the things.
  12. Know the travelling rules: All the airlines have different pet travelling rules. Make sure that you are aware of them. If you are not sure you can call them up and get help. This will ensure that you travel hassle-free with your pet.
  13. Respect other passenger’s:  Some passengers on board may not like the pet getting out while travelling. Respect them and make sure to keep your pet inside the pet carrier. They are super comfortable and will keep your pet safe and at ease inside.
  14. Be extra careful: When you are travelling with your pet you need to be extra careful. Make sure they behave well. If your dog is suffering from conditions like heartworm then make sure that you carry heartworm tablets for dogs.

Beware of the heartworm disease

Dogs are so prone to heartworm diseases. Initially they don’t show and the disease can go on ruining the heart of your dog. It is important to keep things on track when it comes to your pet’s health.

  • Dogs can get heartworm disease by the bite of an infected mosquito. There is no way of telling whether the mosquito was infected or not. So it is important that you keep your pets safe from the bites. Even a bite from one mosquito infected with heartworm larvae can cause the disease in the dogs.
  • Prevention is better than the cure when it comes to the heartworm disease in the dogs. Make sure that you get your pet regularly checked for diseases like this. If your pet had been diagnosed with it or you want to prevent it from happening make sure you carry the heartworm medicine for dogs when you are travelling.
  • Travelling can expose your dog to lot of things and keeping the medicine handy is one of the best ways to prevent any major medical emergencies. The vaccination helps, but make sure to keep the medicines with you when travelling with the pet.


Travelling with pets can be a difficult task but it is not impossible. Take care of a few important things and you can travel happily with your pet no matter where you are going. Make sure to do the smart things as a pet owner and everything will fall into place.

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