Want to Take Your Dog on Holiday? 5 Points to Consider

People say a dog is man’s best friend and if have a canine companion – you’ll agree with the statement. Dogs have the tendency to become a member of the family soon, their behavior and loyalty enhance their chances of getting connected to the human world. Being great companion, the owners like to take them wherever they go, especially on HOLIDAYS!

dog on holidya

Are you planning a holiday with your furry companion? It’s a GREAT decision! Currently, this decision is respected and government of different countries allows pets to enjoy abroad holiday thanks to pet passports. Check the top five points to consider while taking your dog on a holiday:

#1 Dog Type

Some dogs share an incredible bonding with their owners and will go anywhere with their owners. You just need to have the right pet in your life; Jason McDowell in Edinburg is one such breeder, who avails a huge range of healthy pups. Choose the one you fall for and train them properly to adapt easily to new changes in their life cycle.

#2 Temperament/Behavior

A well-socialized dog may enjoy more the chance of travelling with their owner. Let your dog socialize from the early stage to make meeting new people and seeing new places, fun. It’s because nervy character dog will find it stressful and end up with embarrassment at times.

#3 Dog Necessities

Before starting your packing, prepare a checklist of your dog’s necessities. Make sure you carry enough treats, medicine, food and all-important necessities in your pooch’s bags. Take your dog’s lead and collar; also add a tag mentioning dog’s name and your contact number.

#4 Visit Vet

Arrange a visit to your regular vet prior to a trip. Make sure all vaccinations are up to date and treatments done as new places may expose your pet to common diseases of that area as well as bring them in contact with other animals, fleas, worms or ticks.

Again, Get Contact Details of Local Vets for emergency cases. The dog might falls sick or get hurt while holidaying. At that time, the local vets can be your savior. Research about vets and keep details handy throughout your stay.

#5 Travel Diaries

To add happy moments in your clank pages of your travel diaries, familiarize your dog with car environment and journeys. Start by taking them on shorter journeys to make them well-versed in long car journeys. Safety is crucial. Before starting the journey make them familiar to the drivers for an unrestricted and attentive movement. If you have a sensitive canine who suffer motion sickness, keep remedies in the car and avoid feeding before the time of travel. An extra care is worth for your pet companion!

With the above-mentioned points have a great holiday with your canine pet. Let them spoil a little more; after all, they are on HOLIDAY too!

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